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Wellness Coaching

Invest in Yourself…Invest in Your Future!  GetFitts  

Daily exercise is an investment not only in your immediate health and results but in the ability to leave an active high quality life in the second half of your life!

Over the last twenty years I trained a wide clientele of older adults and learned to recognized their special needs.  Yes, aging is inevitable but we can empower ourselves by taking charge in how we age.  It is UP TO US to make a decision to live a better, healthier, active life style.

It is a proven fact that exercising not only will make you feel better about yourself but will lead you to a stronger body, prevent chronic diseases, increase your stamina to carry on with the demands of daily chores, and improve your brain function.

My approach to training older adults is specific and  goal oriented to maintain longevity and independence, improve health and physical strength.

components of the programs:

  • Cardio
  • Core strength
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • One -on-one or group training.

Call now and Invest in Your Future … 


Liliana Fitts